Harvey Weinstein, the co-founder of Miramax and head of the new company The Weinstein Company, says Judi Dench was snubbed by three network talk shows because of her age while promoting Mrs. Henderson Presents. "They said she didn't fit their demographics. I told my mother; who was pretty offended," he said. "I mean, what do they think, 25-year-old people can't watch 70-year old people? The insanity of youth. It also assumes none of us like our families." New York Magazine

I never understood female ageism in Hollywood.

It starts by looking forward. Young girls yearn to be the cool teens of young adult cinema and television, with good looks, great love, and grand teenage success. As they mature, their desire turns toward the twenty-somethings and the first tastes of adult freedom. But all too quickly, there's the sudden glass wall and the forward-grasping journey stops dead in its tracks. Women begin to start reaching backward, desperately clutching to their youthful past and all the perks that came with it because, according to Hollywood, they have switched from young and yearning to just plain "old". Tinseltown lays out a long purgatory of life as wife, mother, and the very occasional high-powered executive for many years, and when that finally ends, there's the hell of old age ... where your only option is playing Grandma Maureen in a crappy teen comedy.
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