With filming only a few months away, it looks like Martin Campbell's Green Lantern movie has finally found its leading lady: one Blake Lively.


I don't know. Looks like she's the star of The CW's Gossip Girl, but I wouldn't know that since I only like good television.

Am I being mean? I guess I'm being mean. Ms. Lively is certainly easy on the eyes and for all I know, she can actually act. Considering that she beat out some pretty stiff competition like Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell for the part, she better be able to act. She'll be portraying Carol Ferris, the woman who hires Hal Jordan for her father's aerospace company and presumably falls in love with him, all the while not knowing his secret life as a superhero. My little friend Wikipedia tells me that in the comics she eventually becomes a supervillain called Star Sapphire. Sequel, perhaps?

After the bravura Casino Royale, Martin Campbell has the benefit of the doubt on every choice he makes. Green Lantern will be cowering at the sight of yellow come summer 2011.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
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