Last month it was rumored that Jonah Hexwas reloading its ammunition to undergo reshoots. The news has been re-confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, and it doesn't appear to be an automatically bad prognosis for the movie, as many seemed to feel it was.

According to THR, the reshoots will only last ten days and not the full two weeks that was initially reported. Twelve pages of additional script are being added, along with a little more action. They've called Megan Fox, Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, and Michael Fassbender back to do some shooting in Los Angeles. So while the new scenes may include President Andrew Johnson as hinted by the casting call, what really matters for 50% of the world population is that Fox may have a few extra scenes in that tiny, tiny corset. Maybe it'll take 5 of the 10 days just to shoot her scenes because she'll need to be let loose between gunfights.

Hex was originally scheduled to be released on August 6, 2010 but it was moved up to June 18. There's two stories circulating as to why Hex needs a bit more work. Some are saying the additional scenes and extra money are to fix "certain problems with the movie." Others say it was to really polish up the moderately-budgeted film and make it look more like a summer tentpole. I'd like to believe the latter, particularly since I thought moving up the release date was a mark of confidence in what Jonah Hex already was. Come on, any movie (especially one aiming to be a summer blockbuster) can use a little more Malkovich, Brolin, and Fassbender, right?
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