Ever since his debut in 1983's 'Max Dugan Returns,'Matthew Broderick has made a career out of playing intelligent, congenial characters that despite, or perhaps because of, minor shortcomings, always felt like the consummate best friend or shoulder to cry on. Yet it's darker films like 'Election,''The Cable Guy' and his latest, 'Wonderful World,' that have been responsible for some of the actor's best work, as Broderick injects each character with moral ambiguity and complex decisions.

As Ben Singer in 'World,' Broderick's dichotomous personalities both come through. On the surface, Singer is a divorced, failed singer who hates the outside world and all it encompasses. But when his roommate Ibou (Michael K. Williams) ends up hospitalized, it's Singer's selfless efforts that help alleviate Ibou's situation. Broderick alleviated our itch for answers on 'World,' a 'Ferris Bueller' sequel and more.
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