Moviegoers have two new choices this weekend - unless you are fortunate enough to have Andrea Arnold's exceptional Fish Tank opening in your area. One of them is the kid-friendly The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan taking a cue from Vin "The Pacifier" Diesel as an action hero babysitting some children. To date the Lionsgate film hasn't found any quotes to use in the ads. And hard to imagine they will find many for a film directed by Brian "Snow Dogs" Levant. The standout choice for the weekend is the return of the Hughes Brothers to theaters. Hard to believe that Allan & Albert have been out of the game since their 2001 adaptation of Alan Moore's From Hell. Even harder to believe that The Book Of Eli is being greeted by a who's who of the unreliable.

The quotes on the ads have been getting shifted around all week. Beginning as a combo package where one junketeer's thoughts are finished by another, the quotes then were expanded upon under the individual's names and then finally reduced to the bare minimum, easy-to-read adjectives for all to see. It began with:

"An awe-inspiring epic." - Jake Hamilton
"Stunning. An absolute must-see." - Paul Fischer
"Revolutionary." - Stuart Lee
"Denzel Washington is phenomenal." - Shawn Edwards
"Never been better." - Paul Fischer

The second ad became:

"The first must-see movie of 2010." - Paul Fischer
"Brilliant and mesmerizing every step of the journey." - Mark S. Allen
"Denzel Washington is phenomenal. He's at the top of his game." - Shawn Edwards
"A visually awe-inspiring epic that will rock your soul." - Jake Hamilton

And now it is just down to "Stunning," "Original", "Epic,", etc...etc...lemon...etc...
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