I've been wondering how Lionsgate is going to sell Kick Ass to discerning audiences. As movie geeks, we exist in our own little bubbles, constantly aware of what's going on, what's coming out and what's supposed to be good. That final one is important, because what is good and what looks good are so often completely different things. The geek audience has already long been sold on Kick Ass. I'll see it and you'll see it, for sure. But surely some execs are sitting in a board room somewhere, biting their fingernails, drinking too much coffee and wondering if your mother and brother and sister and uncle will go see it with you.

Hence this Approved For All Audiences trailer, which manages to capture the irreverent humor and style of the red band teasers with nary a drop of blood or any nasty language. Kick Ass is not an expensive movie, but a decent marketing campaign means the difference between breaking even and crafting a true sleeper hit. I'd say they're doing a surprisingly solid job so far. Click the link above to go to Yahoo for the HD trailer or watch it embedded after the jump.
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