Montages are that little cinematic technique where time and information can be squeezed into their most essential -- and usually engaging -- form. But in the '80s, when montages were as prevalent as drinking water, anything was passed off as one -- even the few minutes it takes to strap up and prepare to fight Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

Most of her friends had died, even her beloved brother, and now Alice had to save Dan -- the boy about to be sedated for surgery. She runs into the house and the inspirational music swells as she pops some sleeping pills to fall asleep and save Dan from the stripes and claws. Her too-long and chaste skirt is changed for some super-light and ripped denim, a button-down tank, and lots of straps, because -- don't you know -- straps are a sure sign of toughness, whether they're around your waist, your sneaker, or even a studded variety wrapped around your ankle for ... style? Aerodynamic ninjaness? Who knows? Short clip by short clip, Alice gets ready, collar flung up and determined to kick Krueger ass.

This scene is meant to show Alice get tough physically as well as mentally, but the straps and paraphernalia as she "suits up" brings to mind kiddie Goonies adventures more than preparing to face the sick maniac who is killing friends in their dreams. But that's one of the things that makes The Dream Master so tacky and swell. Hit the jump to watch the montage at 5:37.