In reality, a film pitch should cover the entire basic plot of what you're proposing. But I get more excited thinking of just the concept or situation of a story. It doesn't really matter how it ends to me. For example, if I came up with the idea for Splash, I'd merely pitch it as a literal fish out of water story in which a man falls for a mermaid. The ending would obviously be a happy one in terms of the romantic storyline, but the details of the conclusion could be decided during the actual scripting stage.

That said, today's pitch, Caveman in New York, is actually a few basic concepts without a defined direction, let alone ending. The important thing is to recommend that some kind of film be inspired by yesterday's New York Times article "The New Age Caveman in the City." I know, it sounds like a bad idea for any entertainment right away because it calls to mind the recent attempt to turn Geico's cavemen characters into a sitcom.

But the article isn't about real cavemen unfrozen in the modern world a la Encino Manand roaming the streets of Manhattan, but rather a group of New Yorkers who try to imitate the diet and exercise of Paleolithic man. That seems innocent in simple words, but the article is actually quite disturbing and presents the Paleo Diet followers as extremely fit men (and woman) who enjoy running across the Brooklyn Bridge in freezing December without shirt or shoes and fasting for long periods of time in order to replicate the time between food hunts.

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