She's not exactly A.I.'s Gigolo Jane (played in the film by hottie Ashley Scott), but for those men waiting for a future in which they can cast aside real-life women in favor of always-willing sexbots -- The future is now!

Roxxxy is, according to her manufacturers at TrueCompanion, "the world's first sex robot", with five different personalities and the ability to learn its lover's turn-ons and turn-offs. Roxxxy will be available for special order this month at a price starting at $5,000 (and increasing from there, depending on the special features). That's not bad considering how much money you'll save on dinner dates and movies, right, fellas?

All kidding aside, Roxxxy is inarguably fugly for a sex robot. Did we learn nothing from artist Hajime Sorayama? I opted for one of Sorayama's robotic girlies as the image at the top of this article instead of homely Roxxxy -- it's just prettier that way. I've hidden Roxxxy's hideous mug under the virtual paper bag of the jump. Click "Read More" if you want to see what a $5,000 rubber corpse of a hooker from the 1980's looks like (totally SFW, by the way).

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