Last year we got to peek at the trailer for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, the latest film thrown into the young adult fantasy pool. It's also, of course, one of two big Greek fests coming our way (Clash of the Titans being the other one) -- which means another look at the most famous Greek gorgon, Medusa. As the end of the Percy Jackson trailer revealed, this wasn't any ugly Clash of a Medusa, whose hideousness and scariness alone could almost turn helpless victims to stone. Instead, Uma's face looked quite swank amongst the writhing pile of snakes, and as the new images gathered over at reveal, she's swank from head to toe. (See the rest -- Rosario Dawson's Persephone and Steve Coogan's rockin' Hades in their gallery.)

I don't know what it is about Uma, but she so often finds her powerful characters in pretty darn cool attire (My Super Ex-Girlfriend most definitely not included in that trend). But more importantly, even though it's a bit goofy and kid-like, this film seems monumentally more interesting than Clash of the Titans. And not just because the new remake fails to give us Bubo, and the Jackson series is like a Greek God version of the campy and excellent Sky High.

Which will you be watching on the big screen this year?

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