For a while now, kissing has been a popular pastime, but over the last few years a particular sub-genre has emerged as perhaps the hottest gimmick in Hollywood: girl on girl. Katy Perry, for instance, based her entire career on one song about the benefits and potential downsides of smooching a fellow female. And now it seems Amanda Seyfried may be poised to follow in her footsteps.

That's because, as Britain's Daily Mail is reporting, Seyfried is back in the girl kissing game with her new movie 'Chloe.' This, of course, follows her widely publicized liplock with it-girl Megan Fox in the otherwise underwhelming 'Jennifer's Body' last fall.

But this time around, the tonsil hockey comes with a even twistier twist than plain old lesbianism: the object of Seyfried's affection is none other than Julianne Moore, who, at 49, is more than twice 24-year-old Seyfried's age ... and therefore old enough to be her mother.