For some unfathomable reason, I have a weird fascination with Bigfoot movies. I say weird because I have no clue why or where this came from (although, I do vaguely remember really liking The6 Million Dollar Man episode where Lee Majors takes on Sasquatch. I was young. Sue me). It's even more puzzling when I realize that I don't care one way or the other about the "real" existence of Bigfoot and when I stop to consider how awful 99% of Sasquatch-ploitation movies truly are.

Like a glutton for punishment, I keep soldiering on--and when Foywonder over at Dread Central shared news that Troma had acquired the DVD distribution rights to Bob Gray's Bigfoot, I actually got a little excited. Gray's film was one of the first entries in the mini-renaissance of Bigfoot films from a few years back. Unfortunately, it got mired in a distribution snafu and spent the past few years languishing in motion picture purgatory. Come March 30th, we'll all be able to finally see whether or not Bigfoot was worth the wait.

Gray's film, which finds the monster transported from his usual northwestern stomping grounds to Ohio, is reportedly re-cut from the version some folks saw a few years back. No word yet on extras, but Dread is speculating that the DVD will come with a commentary track, a making of featurette, and maybe one or two other supplements. Hopefully, we'll learn more between now and March 30th.
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