There was a little spec script picked up back in 2008 called The Lost Patrol. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was written by Matt Cirulnick and focused on a future where "humans have lost a war to an enemy race" and followed "an uprising led by a young man who escapes the prisons where humans are being held." Basically, a film that sounded a lot like Terminator without the machines.

After chilling for a good 16 months, THR reports that Stephen Norrington -- the man who directed Blade and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman -- has signed on to write his own take on the tale, while also eying it as a directorial gig. But now it's not some future fest. The future -- which left the Terminator franchise in shambles -- has been tossed aside for a much more trendy time thanks to Inglourious Basterds: World War II. Now it is being described as "a supernatural action thriller set against the backdrop of World War II." THR says the director promises that the project will "hit all of his 'geek buttons' and contains 'hardware, heroes, grime, insane monsters.'"

I can't help but wonder if some of the original plot points will stick, and if so, will this feature somehow try to combine concentration camps with "insane monsters" and "prisons where humans are being held"? Who knows, but as it stands, it sounds like Legendary Pictures is getting Norrington to put together a puzzle of all the little things that have worked in other movies. Do you think it could come together and form a tight and engaging puzzle, or will it just be a big ol' mess?
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