I guess it's a moderate spoiler to admit that tonight's Cinematical Seven was intended to correspond with today's home video release of the Sam Rockwell sci-fi drama, Moon, but even if I've tipped you off as to what the movie reveals within twenty minutes, I hope that not knowing the exact how's and why's of his situation intrigue you enough to still check it out. The reason I and others were so high on it was because Rockwell gave such a uniquely multi-layered performance as his lonely astronaut that I wanted to celebrate other notable dual performances by a single actor.

For the record, I've left off David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers because, well, I haven't seen it yet -- nor Multiplicity, while we're being honest here -- and I opted to exclude split-personality performances, similarly impressive though they may be (after some reluctance, I just had to take A History of Violence out of the running before all sorts of Jekyll/Hyde-esque condemnations came my way (Viggo's great in that all the same)).

As usual, your comments/suggestions are welcome, and as usual, we didn't snub anyone or anything on purpose. Except for the Eddie Murphy romps. They'll probably get their own Cine 7 someday.
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