"It looks like a Fallout movie."

That's what a friend of mine said the first time he saw the trailer for The Book of Eli. I had yet to play the game when the trailer first debuted, but I've since picked up the Game of the Year edition of Fallout 3 for PS3. My friend was right, and I don't think he's the only person that noticed.

A reader over at Kotaku assembled an interesting little side-by-side photo comparison, pitting the crumbling overpasses and sun-bleached post-apocalyptic landscapes of the film and the game against each other. While I doubt Denzel Washington will face off against Super-Mutants while collecting Nuka-Cola bottles, I do expect to see some of the societal drama in the film that I've come to expect from the game.

The trailers reveal Washington (as the titular Eli) trying to cross a burned-out wasteland in relative peace, and running afoul of folks that aren't nearly as accommodating of others as he is. Violence ensues. I know Fallout didn't invent the post-apoc sci-fi subgenre, but the visual resemblance is certainly there. If the movie is one-tenth as absorbing as the game is, then sign me the hell up.

What do you think -- were the Hughes Brothers (the directors of The Book of Eli) influenced by Fallout 3?

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