Come on, guys. I finally upgraded to Blu-Ray about four months ago and you're already getting ready to thumb your nose in my general direction and label me irrelevant?

Reuters reports that a fanny schmancy Disney-supported technology called KeyChest may have the power to change the way movies are distributed for home ownership. How so? You have an online account. Using this online account, you purchase the motion pictures of your choice. Then you can watch these motion pictures from your XBox, your computer, your phone and just about anything else that is capable of tapping into some sweet, sweet internet. In a way, you're no longer buying a plastic case with a movie in it, you're buying the right to watch a movie at any time and in any place.

Crazy. Twenty years ago, we were watching VHS tapes. I say again: Crazy.

Now, if you're like me and you obsessively collect movies and love to line your shelves with the latest super-duper special holographic digital copy special edition of your favorite films, you probably have an odd feeling in your stomach, something that falls halfway between "Oh, cool! The digital age is reaching an inevitable milestone!" and "Ohmygod ohmygod NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE MY PRECIOUS DVDS AWAY!" So consider my enthusiasm present, but muted.

Disney hopes to have this thing up and running by late 2010 (and they make sure to emphasize that this will not be a Disney-only affair). So I shall sit and I shall wait and I will continue to mutter to everyone around me that I genuinely enjoy my physical media and my collecting and that I will miss actually making a drive to the store to pick something up because just downloading it feels...wrong.

We shall see. We will also see if KeyChest will force to buy Goodfellas for the fourth time. Please don't do that to me.
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