I was extremely jealous of all my Austinite colleagues last weekend when I saw the Tweets fly about the Monster Squad screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse. Stars Andrew Gower, Ryan Lambert and Jon Gries along with writer Shane Black and director Fred Dekker were all in attendance. To celebrate the occasion there was a limited edition poster previewed by artist Tyler Stout. I've been drooling over it since first sight.

You can purchase the poster on the Mondo Tees website and you better hurry because one of the editions is already sold out. Each poster is screen printed with bad ass metallic inks and hand numbered. This is a very limited edition of only 450. Stout's psychedelic-nouveau style immediately makes me recall another favorite poster of mine for the 1976 film Squirm. Visit Stout's website and enter a movie geek's wet dream.

Dekker himself claimed that Stout's poster was the best poster ever created for his film about a club of kids who set out to save the world from a horde of classic movie monsters. The director celebrated a highly anticipated DVD and Blu-ray release of Night of the Creeps this past October. I've been fantasizing that Stout might work his genius for a Creeps poster. A nifty glow in the dark event poster was created by John Smith for the Alamo Ritz Creeps reunion last summer.

Geez Austin, quit being so geeky and lovely already.

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