Since Carol Ferris was cast in The Green Lantern last week, you know the bad guys can't be far behind. We now have an official name being bandied about because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Sarsgaard is in talks to play Dr. Hector Hammond.

Here's the first place we're seeing Martin Campbell'sLantern split from the comic book canon. In the comics, Hammond is simply a petty criminal who stumbles on a meteor that all around it with superpowers. He promptly captures some scientists and exposes them to it, and sells all their amazing inventions as his own. Eventually, he became a big-headed superbeing who could enforce his will on others. In the film, Hammond will be a doctor. He's a a brilliant pathologist but seen as an utter failure by his senator father. He discovers a meteor that grants him psychic powers. I'm sure he'll turn those powers to profit, become corrupted, and catch the all-policing eye of Hal Jordan. Then he'll become obsessed with obtaining godlike powers just to defeat Hal Jordan. You can give a man a doctorate, but you can't take away his baser motivations, can you?

Few play brainy evil as well as Sarsgaard, so I think he's a great pick. He certainly adds some dramatic weight to the movie. But it still hinges on Sinestro because whoever they cast now has to outmenace Sarsgaard.
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