Do we really want a Spider-Man reboot? With Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire exiting production of Spider-Man 4, as well as the franchise as a whole, Sony is reportedly still moving forward on the next installment of the superhero series. But I think it'd be much better if the studio left the property alone, rather than giving us a disappointing effort akin to other reboots Superman Returns, The Incredible Hulk and Punisher: War Zone. Instead, I'd like to propose Sony go in another kind of sideways direction with an adaptation of Marvel's other web-slinger:


Know what kids love even more than superheroes? Talking animals! Sure, Hollywood might be apprehensive of a project like Spider-Ham, as it's kinda part of that post-Martin Goodman Marvel slump that gave us Howard the Duck. But in the 24 years since that film adaptation flopped at the box office, special effects have improved to what George Lucas had originally envisioned for Howard. Spider-Ham and his alter-ego, Peter Porker, could be easily rendered in CG, a la Alvin and the Chipmunks. And hey, the Babemovies have made more than $300 million wordwide, while the recent CG-heavy Charlotte's Webgrossed near $150 million. Maybe that's not as much dough as the other spider-person movies, but combine talking pigs with Spider-Man and you really can't lose.
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