I don't know what it is about Alfred Hitchcock, but his cinematic interests seem to be in the go-to trunk for studios needing young adult entertainment. We've gotten the young and craptacular spin on Rear Window with Disturbia, and now Variety reports that FilmNation Entertainment and A Bigger Boat are joining forces to bring us a new psychological thriller called House at the End of the Street.

While not a remake -- thank god -- the Jonathan Mostow-penned feature is said to be in the vein of Psycho, "aimed at a contemporary young audience." Universal was originally cooking up the feature, but it got flipped into turnaround before this partnership snapped it up. FilmNation's Aaron Ryder says: "We believe this will be to Psycho what Disturbia was to Rear Window, but with the addition of a strong female lead." In other words -- Marion Crane is going to rip through that shower curtain and turn the tables on that wig-wearing knife wielder?

Strong female leads are great, of course, but I really hate the notion that you need a new film to bring Hitchcockian themes to a new audience. Both Rear Window and Psycho were well before my time, but I was able to access and enjoy them without a new mediator. Furthermore, having seen Disturbia, saying "what Disturbia was to Rear Window" is tantamount to saying "we want to take a great film and morph it into something crappy for the kiddies."

Stick with the real Hitchcock, kids.
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