Just five short years ago, we wrote about the fact that Beverly Clearly had signed a deal to bring her series of Ramona books to the big screen, starting with Beezus and Ramona. That movie (which is now oddly titled Ramona and Beezus) will finally hit the screen this year, albeit with a few changes. Namely that Beezus and Ramona have aged quite a bit. Especially in the Beezus department. Is that going to sink this adaptation of a beloved classic?

Readers of the books will remember a couple of cute, precocious sisters fighting with each other about things like a game of checkers. Ramona was four years old, and Beezus was ten. However, now that Selena Gomez of Disney's The Wizards of Waverly Place is playing Beezus (and will be 18 in July), the eye-popping specter of puberty appears in this children's classic, and runs off the rails of Mister Roger's Neighborhood and right into Gossip Girl territory.
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