Earlier last week I brought your attention to that little poll for Gay Man of the Decade, with Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman in the lead. Both actors have recently played notable science fiction characters, Dr. Horrible and Captain Jack Harkness respectively.

The results for the AfterElton.com poll are out, and NPH wins with a landslide. NPH had more than half the votes with 61%, nearly double of John Barrowman's 32%, followed by Sir Ian McKellen and George Takei, who've also played iconic science fiction characters. If I have to tell you which, you need to read more Sci Fi Squad.

All four actors are outstanding, pardon the pun, and as AfterElton's Brent Hartinger points out, all four men weren't hurt by coming out of the closet. In fact, just the opposite. Now, I love NPH, he's a true entertainer and clearly enjoys all the roles he takes on. But in terms of characters, and the science fiction angle, the gay character of the decade is hands down Captain Jack Harkness.

I don't associate a character's sexuality with the actor's, but Jack is unrepentantly omnisexual, with the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries focusing on his romantic relationship with Ianto, another man.

Regardless of who won, it's refreshing to see such talented actors cast in science fiction.
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