kirill web series

MSN UK's online sci-fi drama Kirill has landed on Hulu and Slashcontrol. Billed as "the next generation in online TV," Kirill premiered last year as a series of four-minute shorts linked to interactive online media like character blogs and extra videos that told part of the story. Most of that supporting content has disappeared from the Web, but Hulu has weaved together all the original webisodes, and it plays out like a somewhat baffling but intriguing TV pilot.

Kirill follows an isolated man (British actor David Schofield) working to save humanity from a post-apocalyptic future. Trouble is, the apocalypse has already arrived, so the hero has to send messages to the past in order to change the future.

Schofield is excellent. So is the series' grim visual style. Kirill isn't for everyone, but I was captivated by Schofield's performance and the cryptic storytelling. Sadly, it doesn't look like MSN is looking to produce more Kirill webisodes, much less pitch it to a TV network. But it's worth watching if only to see the potential of what could have been.

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