Of the four actors just cast in Robert Zemeckis' remake of Yellow Submarine, Peter Serafinowicz is by far the most appropriate. Americans primarily know him as Simon Pegg's flatmate in Shaun of the Dead and maybe also Pegg's arch-nemesis on the British TV series Spaced (he also recently appeared in Couples Retreat). But Serafinowicz is a well-known impersonator in the UK who has lampooned the Fab Four multiple times on his sketch series The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

Though Zemeckis cast him as the voice of Paul McCartney for his performance capture remake, Serafinowicz portrayed all of The Beatles in a recurring bit called "Ringo Remembers," in which the drummer recalls significant events in the history of the band and the members' solo careers. The silliest sketch of the bunch features his portrayals of John, Paul, George and Ringo during the recording of the Let It Be album and involves the band playing and pooping on the rooftop of the Apple Building. Better clips parody Paul's recording of a Christmas song and John's writing of "Imagine," which is shown as initially going in a completely different direction.

My favorite of the sketches, though, and certainly the most movie-related, presents Ringo Starr's catchy theme song written for the 007 film Goldfinger, which of course wasn't used. It's a cute little gag making fun of Ringo's reputation for writing and singing simple songs that seem made for children. Check out the video, with proper James Bond-intro graphics, after the jump.
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