Remember me mentioning 3D TVs being available this year, including economical versions this fall? There are 3D networks ventures in the works as well.

ESPN and Discovery both have ventures in 3D telecasting in the works. Disney-owned ESPN is planning on introducing ESPN 3D this summer, while Discovery is planning on launching a 3D network in 2011.

The ESPN channel may be launching earlier, with a June 11 launch date, but will go dark when it doesn't have 3D programming scheduled. The Discovery 3D channel will broadcast 3D continuously.

ESPN 3D is slated to feature 85 live sporting events in its first year, beginning with the first 2010 FIFA World Cup match. Other World Cup matches (as many as 25) will also be covered in three glorious dimensions, along with the 2011 college football national championship game and the Summer X Games. The channel is expected to be a premium service with additional costs for the 3D technology.

Discovery 3D, on the other hand, is a general entertainment venture intended for broad distribution. No one is currently talking about exact costs yet, but with the Consumer Electronics Association estimating 25% of the sets being sold in 2013 to be 3D capable, the market for 3D has potential.

And as I mentioned before, it sure looks pretty. With Fox securing the rights to Avatar for broadcast in 2012, you just may get to see it in it's 3D glory in the privacy of your own living room.

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