Losing Robert Downey Jr. didn't slow down Cowboys & Aliens for very long, and it didn't even get to jump into the rumor pool. According to Collider, Daniel Craig might just be the man who fills Downey's boots. He's still in negotiations and has not been officially cast, so don't start dreaming of leather chaps just yet.

I certainly hope Craig is the man who takes the part. As James Bond, he's one of the undisputed action leaders right now, but he still hasn't gotten to make a name for himself outside of 007. I think it would be wonderful to see him cut loose in something lighter, and to pair him up with Jon Favreau would be ideal. I don't think this is going to be a Wild Wild West by any means, so I don't think it'll hurt Craig's upward climb at all.

The only reason I could see Craig unable to take the part would be a conflict with Bond. Craig and Judi Dench have hinted Bond 23 would film late this year, and aim for a 2011 release. Cowboys & Aliens is aiming for a summer 2011 release date as well. So schedule conflicts could derail Cowboys & Aliens a little longer, or it could find another brawny fellow riding the range altogether. Hollywood is certainly chock full of guys I'd like to see in a ten gallon hat ...
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