You may have noticed a certain fellow lurking about films these last few years. Dark, brooding chap. Incredibly menacing. Looks a bit like Stanley Tucci or maybe Andy Garcia. Right now, he's looming over millions of filmgoers as the dreaded Lord Blackwood in 'Sherlock Holmes.'

That's British actor Mark Strong, who's been working in films for the past 25 years but is only now coming to notice for a string of impressively villainous roles. His chameleon-like ability to transform himself into any nationality may have prevented you from recognizing his 'Syriana' torturer (who memorably ripped out George Clooney's fingernails) was also the smooth criminal Archy in Guy Ritchie's'RockNRolla' and the queen's manipulative adviser, Lord Conroy, in 'The Young Victoria.'
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