I have held on to hope regarding Universal's remake of The Wolfman despite the black cloud of troubling rumors, delays and reshoots that has been hanging over the film since we sensed something was amiss late last year. The first sign was a release date push from November to February 10--huge disappointment. Then there were changes in the crew. Composer Danny Elfman left the project and editor, Dennis Virkler, was booted from the film after an early cut screened in L.A. Finally, there were stories about reshoots because the special FX were not so special even though FX master Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London) was on board. What's a poor Wolfman to do in a case like this? Get legendary monster artist Basil Gogos to create the poster for your new film!

Gogos is an illustrator who has painted some of the most striking portraits of movie monsters in horror and is best known for the work he did with Warren Publishing's Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. The man has painted everyone from Dracula to the original Wolfman (1941) as well as famous horror icons Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Lon Chaney and many others. Gogos has also painted CD covers for musicians Rob Zombie and The Misfits. His 2005 book, Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos, is a delicious hardcover detailing his career and includes commentary from the artist.

Someone at Universal got it right with this one, big time. But my fingers are still crossed. Head over to CHUD to see the full poster.
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