Patton Oswalt grew up a passionate fanboy in Sterling, Virginia. His fervor and eloquence led to writing, then standup comedy, then voice-acting in 'Ratatouille,' and most recently, starring in Robert Siegel's dark comedy about obsession, 'Big Fan'.

The writer-director (who previously penned the script for 'The Wrestler') specifically requested Oswalt for the role of Paul Aufiero. A comedy veteran himself, having edited 'The Onion' for many years, Siegel knew the enthusiasm Oswalt brought to his onstage diatribes about food, booze, '80s metal, comic books, and George W. Bush. While Oswalt admits to not being a sports fan himself, outside of Gayle Sayers highlight reels, he could still identify with his character's lifelong fandom of the New York Giants.
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