A few days back, we heard the news of Green Lantern's love interest. Now, we've got his nemesis.

It looks like Peter Sarsgaard has joined Martin Campbell's comic book extravaganza, playing "...Dr. Hector Hammond, the pathologist son of a senator who is seen as a disappointment in his father's eyes. He becomes infused with psychic powers when he discovers a meteor." And of course, with psychic powers comes great irresponsibility and we'll surely be treated to a great deal of very expensive action and adventure as Hammond clashes with interstellar policeman/superhero, Hal Jordan, AKA, The Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds).

This is exciting news. Ever since the great, tragically overlooked Shattered Glass, I've kept my eye on Sarsgaard. He's not just a good actor, he's a great actor, someone who truly vanishes into his characters and constantly steals films away from his more famous co-stars. The thought of the soft-spoken and intense Sarsgaard going head to head with the brash and charming Ryan Reynolds in a superhero epic gets me giddy in all of the right ways.

Of course, now we get to ponder "What of Sinestro, the most famous of Green Lantern's limited Rogue's Gallery?" Any truth to the rumors that he'll be a good guy in the first film before going turncoat in the sequel? Who knows. In the meantime, let's rejoice in the Sarsgaard.

(Via Heat Vision Blog)
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