Today's pitch I'll describe as Se7enmeets Point Break meets The Departedmeets The Silence of the Lambsmeets William Wyler's The Collector. But a little slower, and lacking a serial killer...

Let's get right into it:

Under His Wing

We open on an in-progress undercover sting operation involving agents from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and poacher/smugglers attempting to sell a jaguar (the endangered animal, not the car - see this recent NYT article), which turns into an action-packed chase sequence. Special Agent Ed Newcomer catches the bad guys, and then he's given his next assignment: bring down Hisayoshi Kojima, the world's most wanted butterfly thief.

The seemingly insignificant task may not seem ripe for the big Hollywood blockbuster it starts out like, but the true story of Newcomer's 2007 arrest of Kojima, who called himself the "Indiana Jones of butterfly smugglers," is filled with sad irony and has potential for the kind of character development seen in most foreign thrillers. It would make a great indie film. Or something a little bigger-scale from director David Fincher. It can also be seen as akin to Point Break, only without all the extreme action stuff.
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