It's a pretty good year to be a Roger Corman fan. The infamous filmmaker is not only getting his first Academy Award this year, but Home Media Magazine reports that some of his most-beloved films are getting the home video "Special Edition" treatment from Shout! Factory.

Sci-fi cult titles like Humanoids from the Deep and Death Race 2000 (both personal favorites) have only existed on DVD as full-screen bare bones releases, but Shout! is treating the films like modern classics -- remastering them with widescreen anamorphic transfers, and in some cases, high-definition. I'll be glad to double-dip my awful Humanoids DVD for a fancy widescreen update. And Death Race 2000 in high-def? Sign me the hell up.

Piranha, Rock and Roll High School, and Death Race 2000 will all see release on Blu-ray in 2010 under the "Roger Corman's Cult Classics" label. Upcoming DVD releases from the label also include Suburbia, Forbidden World, Galaxy of Terror, Starcrash, and double-feature discs for Up from the Depths/Demon of Paradise, Warlords of the 21st Century/Deathsport, and Attack of the Crab Monster/Not of This Earth.
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