OK, probably not Wes Anderson. But maybe, and that would be great -- Fantastic Mr. Spider -- so I wanted to mention it. Anyway, Anderson is one of several directors on Sony's wish list for the Spider-Man reboot. As you know, a reboot is the only possible way to recover from the disaster of Spider-Man 3, which made only $891,000,000 worldwide and suffered the indignity of a 62% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We should be glad Sony is even willing to touch Spider-Man after that embarrassment, let alone give us a full reboot.

Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywoodsays Sony's wish list includes Anderson, James Cameron, David Fincher, and ... Marc Webb. Who? The man who directed 500 Days of Summer, that's who. 500 Days was his first feature, but it was very well-received, and, as Fleming points out, it shows a terrific grasp of the way young people think, which will apparently be crucial in the teen-Peter-Parker Spidey reboot. Also, his last name is Webb. I mean, come on.

The other tidbit in Fleming's post is that the reason the film won't come out until summer 2012 is that it will "likely" be shot in 3D, which is more complicated and time-consuming and super-trendy, etc. Yes, 3D. Ah, of course -- that was the problem with the Spider-Man franchise! You didn't have to wear glasses to watch it! Why didn't we think of this solution sooner??
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