All of the big 3 are now in the Netflix biz. First came the Xbox, then the PS3, and now -- the Wii! The New York Times reports that the Netflix streaming video service will be available for the Nintendo Wii starting this spring. As long as you have at least the $9/month subscription to Netflix's DVD-by-mail, you can use your console to watch movies at no additional cost. However, like the PS3, a free software disc will be necessary to take advantage of the partnership.

This certainly gives the Wii a new perk alongside its maniacal gesture games, but there is also a big fault when it comes to Nintendo's offering -- unlike the other consoles that offer streaming video, the Wii can't handle high definition. So, should you not care, or just want to see some plain ol' regular-definition flicks, all will be fine. Then again, the Times notes: "Some analysts and industry observers expect Nintendo to announce a new Wii HD version of its console next year."

Personally, I think merging the gestures with the films is much more attractive than buying a new console for HD. Think about it -- while the home theater experience has way too many bells and whistles these days, imagine the ability to train the remote to a certain character and shut them up if the dialog is crappy, or, if you want to add your own. It would be like movies-meets Choose Your Own Adventure-meets-MST3k!

Then again, I'd be happy if Netflix streaming was simply available in Canada.