Some folks collect stamps. The mad geniuses at Everything Is Terrible collect Jerry Maguire videocassettes. It's a joke amongst found footage aficionados that the 1996 Cameron Crowe film dominates the video shelves of second-hand shops, and EIT wants all of them -- every single copy.

Their plea: "For over a year, we've been chronicling wild packs of Maguires in their native thrift store habitat with our patented Maguirewatches, and during that time, we decided to start a Jerry Maguire sanctuary to preserve these great artifacts. Our goal is to have the largest private collection of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes in the history of mankind and we need your help."

I'm not sure what they plan on doing with that many tapes, but I love the idea, as absurd as it is. I'm hoping they open some kind of museum. You can send your unwanted VHS copies of Jerry Maguire to:

Everything is Terrible!
P.O. Box 47924
Chicago, IL 60647 USA

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