Well here's something we didn't see coming. We all know by now that horror fan / professional filmmaker Adam Green is on the set of Hatchet 2 as we speak. And if you didn't know, now you do: Danielle Harris and A.J. Bowen are joining Green (and Kane Hodder!) on the Anchor Bay sequel ... but wait, what's this? Some rather strange news from Bloody Disgusting: Dark Sky Films has become the distributor on Hatchet 2? And they're already planning their Part 3? Hell that's weird.

A few months back The Collector went from Dimension to Freestyle, but that movie was already a finished product. Here we have a flick one week into production. Interesting! Dark Sky, for their part, are no strangers to the horror biz. They're covering the home video release of the recent (awesome) The House of the Devil, plus they've got a back catalog of horror classics (and colorful non-classics) that's pretty darn impressive.

Check out a lot more info over at BD.com, but I assume this is considered very good news for Dark Sky, for Green, and for the whole Hatchet gang. And let's hope Anchor Bay made a few bucks on the deal ... they were the guys who bankrolled the first Hatchet, after all. The Starz subsidiary will still release Green's Frozen in early February, only a few weeks after its Sundance premiere.
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