There's a new article in USA Today about how Slumdog Millionairestar Rubina Ali has $145,000 in new deals. Surely this is meant to be the bright light at the end of a long tunnel of post-film troubles -- living in filth, shantys torn down, claims that dad was trying to sell young Rubina. But reading through the piece, it doesn't look like much has changed at all.

According to the article, Ali has "already committed to projects worth more than $145,000, and her family could soon move out of the slums and into a new apartment paid for by a trust set up by the film's director, Danny Boyle." She's also said to have gotten about $32,515 in an autobiography advance, with perhaps another $80 thousand by April. Meanwhile, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail has landed a gig along with Ali in the indie film Lord Owen's Lady, which will net them roughly $1,626/day over 20 days of production.

It sounds good, but at the same time, more of the same. Ali is still in the shanty, still truant with school, and could lose her trust fund because of it. What's being done with the money she's received is anyone's guess. "Legalities" have been cited in why she's still waiting for an apartment a year later. And that's the thing -- much of this so-called success is potential, rather than actual. When these deals come to fruition, when she's not living in a shanty made of pink corrugated metal and goes back to school or gets a tutor, then things will be looking up.
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