Few things within the horror industry tend to get the hatred flowing within me, but rest assured if Alexandre Aja is mentioned my response will most like filled with vitriol and profanity. Save for the potential found scattered throughout Haute Tension, I have severe issues with everything he has every had his hand in. Despite this, however, I have high hopes for Piranha 3-D, the director's third foray into remake, and you only need to look at the behind-the-scenes stills to see why.

I'm fairly confident plot and acting will not be the film's strong points, but given a horror-comedy about millions of piranha going on a feeding frenzy, I'm not so sure those are the principal selling points. Judging by these photos, the film looks to be a wild ride of blood, violence and T 'n A, and despite my epic levels of pretentiousness, I'm really looking forward to this one. Maybe Aja's newest can change my opinion about him.

Thanks to Dread Central for the heads up, and check out the complete gallery of stills here. Piranha 3-D is set to hit theaters on April 16th.

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