In case you missed it, this week marks the release of 'Deep In the Valley', an unrated, direct-to-DVD comedy starring Brendan P. Hines and Chris Pratt ('Parks and Recreation') as two friends who are transported by a mythical porn booth to a glorious land where skin flicks come to life. Think 'Pleasantville', with less clothing and more silicone.

Aside from a "naked DVD commentary" (we're not kidding), the movie features performances from Scott Caan, Tracy Morgan, and a scantily-clad Denise Richards as Autumn Bliss, a sultry sorority mother who helps our two heroes find their way back home.

Straight-to-DVD porno spoofs? Naked commentaries? Is this what's become of Denise Richards' career? We're not saying she was ever on track for a Cecil B. DeMille Award or anything, but she showed flashes early on that she might be that rare Hollywood bombshell with the sensibility to pick smart, engaging projects that showed off her wit and humor as well as her looks. But think hard: When was the last time you actually saw a Denise Richards movie in the theater?
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