Twilight embryosIt's been nearly a year since Cinematical editor Erik Davis showed us what he considered the creepiest Fan Made item ever: a reproduction of Twilight character Bella's womb complete with a small fetus. However, today I have another contender for Creepiest Fan Made, along the same lines -- and these are items for sale: Twilight characters portrayed as embryos.

The photo on the right is a Jacob Black embryo, as he appears in New Moon, available from the "Feti" shop on Etsy. You can also buy fresh-from-the-womb renditions of Bella, Edward and Alice. I admit I don't see the charm; it's not that I'm not a Twilight fan (although I'm not), but I have no interest in hanging wee fabric embryos around my house. The Sarah Palin embryo might make an interesting gift to the right person, though. They're the right size to hang on your cell phone, and I suppose they'd make a helluva conversation starter.

Etsy has become a one-stop shop for all your bizarre Twilight shopping needs, with thousands of products for sale. You can find many renditions of Bella's moonstone jewelry, which are actually quite pretty. But how about a charm bracelet themed around Emmett Cullen? A pendant based on Jacob Black's wolf-pack tattoo? Bella's mittens, "Team Jacob" party decorations, a t-shirt with your photo as "Mrs. Cullen" along with Edward, and character-inspired moisturizing lotions -- these are only a few of the odd Twilight items I found. My favorite is a pendant of Robert Pattinson wearing fake plastic vampire teeth -- at least that one has a sense of humor. Have I missed anything else truly strange? Let me know in the comments, and check out some of the embryos below.

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