Note: The following will contain spoilers for The Book Of Eli.

This week, Warner Bros. launches its first big January release with The Book Of Eli. In it, Denzel Washington plays an apocalyptic loner on a mission to put the sacred book he carries into the right hands. There is no twist in revealing that the pages within the leather-bound book containing a cross on the front is a copy of the King James Bible, the supposed last one in existence. In Todd McCarthy's Variety review, he stated that if "Warner Bros. cared to court the normally stay-at-home Christian audience, it would hit a mother lode of positive response." Despite any inherent ignorance that anyone of the Catholic faith are shut-ins who don't go to the movies, McCarthy apparently hasn't been paying attention. Perhaps "courting" isn't the right terminology, but the studio certainly hasn't been shying away from the themes, whether it be to challenge or embrace them.