This week brought the revelation that India is already in the process of developing their own special brand of Star Wars. No, not a Bollywood version of the George Lucas sci-fantasy franchise that will find Han Solo doing a dance number before being frozen in carbonite. The Star Wars in question reaches back to the Reagan era and the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, a time when the late president had openly theorized about building a network of sites around the world that, in conjunction with new space-based weaponry, would be capable of shooting down nuclear ballistic missiles. Obviously it never came to be.

Well now India has announced plans to start a similar program, but with a simpler approach. Instead of a highly complex network of ground and orbital based systems required to shoot things down, their basic plan is to play bumper cars in space. Here's the gist of it: India is going to design and launch an 'exo-atmospheric kill vehicle'. Said vehicle will float in space until needed, at which point it can then just go ram itself into a target satellite, knocking it out of orbit. No need for advanced satellites that shoot lasers or missiles that can reach (and guide) with extreme precision in space. Just simple use of Newton's Laws of Motion.

Now if you're incredibly paranoid about possible attacks on the US, you can calm down a bit. First, India hasn't actually built this 'kill vehicle' yet, it is just an announced concept. Second, India's concern isn't with the US but with its ever-developing neighbors, Pakistan and China. Regardless of who they're planning on defending themselves from, however, this is a clear reminder that space-based warfare is still on the horizon.
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