Jackie Earle HaleyWhat is there left for an actor to do after playing two iconic villains? Why, play another, of course! Jackie Earle Haley is "the only choice" by Warner Brothers to play arch-villain Sinestro in the upcoming big screen version of The Green Lantern, according to Drew McWeeny at HitFix.

In October, Haley denied a report that he was under consideration for the role, saying that he hadn't yet been approached. But with the recent announcements that Blake Lively has been cast as female lead Carol Ferris and Peter Sarsgaard is in talks to play the villainous Dr. Hector Hammond, HitFix's McWeeny started making phone calls. He concludes that Haley remains "the only choice" by the studio for Sinestro. The character will not be the main villain in the movie, but "unless something drastically changes, he is in the film." McWeeny suggests that the groundwork is being laid in the first movie for a much bigger role for Sinestro if the movie turns into a franchise, as the studio obviously hopes it will. Right now, though, this remains a rumor.

My feelings about Watchmen were mixed, but I definitely felt that Haley was a juicy bright spot as Rohrschach, and I can't wait to see what he does as Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. Our resident geek expert, Elisabeth Rappe, wrote that she always pictured someone British as Sinestro, perhaps Daniel Day-Lewis, but Haley is on a roll right now. If you're feeling in the dark about Sinestro, may I point you to Elisabeth's comprehensive overview of the character.
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