Welcome to the first installment of Keeping Score, Cinematical's new epicenter of coverage and commentary on movie music. In coming weeks you'll read interviews with composers, reviews, profiles, and critical analyses of entire genres and bodies of work. Before we get to that, however, as a sort of introduction we thought we'd take a look at the best of 2009.

The year was surprisingly full of really strong movie music, from hit-heavy compilations to original orchestral work and almost everything in between. Runners up to our Top Ten list included the soundtracks to Where the Wild Things Are, Funny People, A Single Man, and even New Moon, if only for Thom Yorke's throbbing, irresistible contribution "Hearing Damage." But the following ten were the year's cream of the crop – the best, most beautiful, and, ultimately, most moving pieces of music set to moving images in 2009.
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