Quick -- someone spot me $15 million! I want to own the Terminator franchise! No? Then can someone let James Cameron know I've just found the perfect gift he could buy for himself with that new mountain of Avatar cash?

If nobody steps up, Terminator will go to Lionsgate (according to L.A. Times). That's like Kia getting the rights to manufacture their own Bentley. What the heck is Lionsgate going to do with Terminator? The company has experience with exactly three and one-half franchises -- Saw, Transporter, Crank, and The Punisher. Do any of those films get you excited about the prospect of a Terminator sequel from Lionsgate? Does Jason Statham seem like a natural fit for the series?

There was one place left for the Terminator series to go, and McG fumbled that potential with Terminator Salavation. Really, what's next? I can only imagine Lionsgate is thinking "REMAKE!" which is no better an idea than a Terminator 5 at this point. My fingers are crossed that they'll only use the property for licensing (comics, video games, toys, apparel, etc.), and realize that the film series has painted itself into a creative corner. For $15 million, the property comes cheap enough that another film doesn't have to be an option.
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