It's a fantastic time to be a geek in Los Angeles. Between Stuart Gordon screenings at the New Beverly and He-Man art shows, you could also take in a little Star Wars-themed striptease or two at Bordello, courtesy of burlesque group Devil's Playground.

L.A. Weekly reported on Devil's Playground's recent January 9 Star Wars show, and they've got an encore planned for March 13, so if you've ever wanted to see Boba Fett's feminine side or just how sexy Jabba the Hutt can get, there's still time to plan a trip. The girls of Devil's Playground are ridiculously hot (See for yourself on the official website. I did. Hey, it's research!), and they know the way to a fella's heart is through his fandom -- the foxy ladies also did a popular video game-themed show that saw Metroid's Samus Aran and a gender-bending Link from Zelda getting down-and-dirty.

(Photo by Shannon Cottrell)
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