For his first trip to the Sundance Film Festival with a feature film (his 2004 film Dear Pillow played the Slamdance Film Festival), writer-director Bryan Poyser brings us Lovers of Hate (one of my favorite 2010 Sundance titles by the way), a dark comedy about two brothers who are in love with the same woman. Aside from his two feature films, Poyser has directed a number of shorts -- one of which played SXSW and starred Mumblecore hero Joe Swanberg.

Cinematical caught up with Poyser to ask him a few general questions about his film and film festival life prior to Lovers of Hate screening in U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival next week.

Cinematical: Give us the "dude on the street" description of your film

Bryan Poyser: LOVERS OF HATE is a twisted love triangle about two estranged brothers in love with the same woman. It culminates in this giant 4-story 6-bedroom house on the side of a mountain in Park City, Utah, where the much-more-successful of the two brothers has invited the woman for a romantic weekend. But, the other brother actually makes it to the house first and he attempts to sabotage their sexy weekend from the shadows, playing little tricks to try to tear them apart. It's kinda suspenseful, sometimes creepy and there are poop jokes.