Bill Murray and circus freaks: some marriages are made in Hollywood heaven.

Yes, according to Production Weekly, deadpan thespian Bill Murray will be bringing his particular brand of quirk to the seedy world of the circus sideshow as he has agreed to co-star in 'Passion Play.' The film marks a reunion for Murray, who will be re-teaming with 'Scrooged' writer Mitch Glazer.

That film, of course, was an unexpected hit and has gone on to become a beloved holiday classic. But where 'Scrooged' drew inspiration from the timeless Charles Dickens story 'A Christmas Carol,' 'Passion Play' instead turns to a less likely muse: Mickey Rourke, who, hot off his turns in the acclaimed 'The Wrestler' and upcoming presumed blockbuster 'Iron Man 2' will star opposite fellow buzz magnet Megan Fox as a trumpet player who rescues a winged circus freak from big top imprisonment.
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