At first, the thought of The Hughes Brothers ('From Hell,''American Pimp,''Menace II Society') directing an overtly religious movie seemed a bit unbelievable. Perhaps 'The Book of Eli' just features Denzel Washington as a weapon-wielding badass with a penchant for quoting the Old Testament like Samuel L. Jackson in 'Pulp Fiction,' right? Wrong...

Well, OK, Washington's post-apocalyptic loner Eli is a master at killing AND quoting Scripture, but the critical buzz is correct: 'The Book of Eli' contains just as much (if not more) Christian imagery as 'The Chronicles of Narnia.'

The intriguing multi-million-dollar question is: Will true believers rally around a violent, hard-R movie like 'The Book of Eli' -- even if it heavily promotes Christian themes? It's complicated, because this is not a movie made specifically by Christian filmmakers ('Fireproof' or 'Bella') or about a football-loving conservative family ('The Blind Side') or a religious abolitionist responsible for one of the most enduring hymns of all time ('Amazing Grace') -- to mention just a few movies that have received considerable support from churchgoing audiences.
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