Here's proof that Sideshow Collectibles will occasionally put out something awesome that is also completely affordable. Yeah, maybe I can't afford to buy an actual life-size Cylon but I can spare $25 for a Viper model kit.

The Battlestar Galactica model, from Moebius Models, is currently avilable for pre-order on the Sideshow website. It''s also a great reminder of how much I adored Battlestar Galactica during its run on SciFi (SyFy?), despite a bit of a stumble across the finish line as the series closed. The Viper Mk-II is just plain cool, whether you liked the finale or not (I did, by and large -- I just didn't like the episodes that led to it). I have a tiny die-cast Viper Mk-II sitting in front of me right now, actually, so I can personally vouch for its coolness levels as a spaceship design.

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